The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition

The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition

The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition
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The Four Year Career is now available as a custom, Young Living Edition featuring stories from YOUR companies’ real leaders!

The buzz is getting out on this new, short, and powerful book that truly is a must read. The Four Year Career concept has been a classic audio presentation on belief building since 1990.

Tens of thousands of Distributors have used it to understand the inner workings of a properly built Network Marketing business.

It's these inner workings that leads to true Residual Income and Wealth. The Four Year Career has also shown both prospects and Distributors, how a Residual Income can be worth millions in Asset Value and has been a go-to presentation to help enroll anyone in the belief of Network Marketing. And now, for the first time, it is available in book form.

Here's what you will find in this compelling, easy-to-understand, totally generic recruiting tool:

  • Shines a light on the economic uncertainty many are facing, and the challenges that traditional methods for building financial security pose.
  • A revealing explanation of the many myths and simple realities of Network Marketing (some may surprise you).
  • Includes the latest industry facts and big name third-party endorsements from Richard's ground breaking presentation, The History and Future of Network Marketing, that reinforces the power of Network Marketing as a wealth-building vehicle.
  • Stories from REAL Young Living leaders.

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