Synergy, Its An Essential Oil Thing.

Synergy, Its An Essential Oil Thing.

Synergy, Its An Essential Oil Thing.
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Merging ancient healing techniques and cutting-edge science, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Plant team up to reveal new and groundbreaking science of essential oils, including synergistic actions with cells, genes, and human health. The discoveries revealed in this book will revolutionize the essential oil space, further unlick the unlimited potential of essential oils, and increase the potential of humans to live long and healthy lives to their fullest potential. Includes 45 synergistic recipes to create your own personal care, therapeutic, and household items with essential oils.

What you will discover:

  • Synergies between essential oils, cells, genes, carrier oils, and medications.
  • Blending tips to create synergistic essential oils blends that maximize therapeutic benefits.
  • Revolutionary testing methods that reveal the oral bioavailability of essential oils and led to the discovery of Super Carriers.
  • Facilitative molecules found within essential oils that help heal, protect, and guide cells.
  • Novel patented technology that shows the penetration rate and localization of essential oils in cells, and how these interactions influence cellular behavior and function.
  • How essential oils influence genetic expression and therefore human health.
  • The six zones of essential oils, classified according to their influence on epigenetics.
  • The effect of essential oils on telomere length and how this may slow the aging process.

Size: 123 pages; 6" wide x 9" tall x ⅓" deep.
Published in 2015.

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