Elite Massager Belt

Elite Massager Belt

Elite Massager Belt
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Elite massagers Massage Belt uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. The technology has been used by physiotherapists for over 50 years. The special 4 pad design ensures that all of the abdominal muscles contract and not only those directly under the pads.

The Elite massagers belt that compatible with Elite massagers TENS & EMS devices has multi functions as below: First, it is applied for the stomach, constipation, diarrhea, weight reducing and lower back. Once there is stagnation, you have to unblock energy blockage and relieve the tension on the nerves and muscles. Our patent designed belt holds and allows four XL electrode pads to stimulate abs or back and love handles. The device is securely held in the convenient pouch at the middle of the belt. Second, it is also used to help tone the abdominal muscles. Just wrap the belt around abdominal and both sides of the waist, let the device does the work: exercise the muscles by contraction like workout in the gym without aches and reshape the body by stimulating fat metabolism.

One of Top Stretch Mark Remedies for 2013. Stretch marks are extremely common and can develop following multiple circumstances including pregnancy, weight gain, medication use, and health conditions/disease. Exercise in 6 weeks after baby delivery except surgery area.


1 Belt Dual leads wire

4 XL pads

Comes with illustrated instruction manual


Size: 36″ long and extension 12″ long= 48″ long

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