Diffuser GX Lightwood

Diffuser GX Lightwood

Diffuser GX Lightwood
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Still one of my favorite diffusers I've ever owned. I bought a sample back in April 2015. I have had that diffuser going all day, every day since then. I have never cleaned it and have yet to have a single problem with it. It's a super reliable and good looking diffuser for the home or office.
The great thing about this diffuser is that it will run until it's out of water. They say in the product description that it lasts for 4 hours but I would challenge that and say that it runs much longer. It has 2 modes of operation to extend the usage for all night if need be.
The sleek design comes in 4 different colors and has a mist like no other. I think of it as a Genie lantern sort of look.

With this and all diffusers you have to be very careful not to get water into the Air Outflow

Product Features:

Ultrasonic, air humidifier and aroma diffuser.
Holds 140 ml of water
Low Glow LED light with multiple colors or OFF option.
Works well in small to medium sized rooms. Up to 700 sqft.
Continuous 4 hour operation in a single use.
Automatic stop without water, safe and reliable.

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