Diffuser Mist Maker Table

Diffuser Mist Maker Table

Diffuser Mist Maker Table
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The oscillation also produces negative ions.
The Mist of Dreams is important for its health improving factors. 
This mist-making lamp utilizes electrical ultrasound vibration to produce 
water vapor which adds to the indoor humidity.
This process helps to freshen the air, as the mist humidifies the room.
The negative ions remove dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, and smog from the air.
Fantastic for people with sinus or asthma problems!
Fantastic for indoor plants that thrive in cool, humid environments.

No chemicals or heaters are needed, and it is not harmful to people or animals. 

Give yourself a special treat and add your favorite  essential oils to the water.
Add a drop or two of aromatherapy oil to the water 
to enjoy the benefits of a high-tech aromatic diffuser

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